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Believe it or not, you can become an elite chef who cooks meals every night at your MTSU apartments. It’s not hard to learn to cook for yourself, even if you’ve never cooked anything more complicated than toast. You’re not going to turn into Gordon Ramsay overnight, but if you equip yourself with the right tools, you can at least become competent in the kitchen.


In this week’s blog post from your community of apartments near MTSU, we’re talking about a few simple things you can do to turn your kitchen into a place in which you might actually want to spend time. It starts with having the right tools, but you also have to make the space your own. We’ll explain how to do that in this week’s post. Check out the blog below, and be sure to share this post with your friends who can’t even make toast without burning themselves.


Invest in (or ask your parents for) a cast iron skillet


Stop frying your grilled cheese and stir-fry in a $10 pan from Walmart. The sooner you invest in a cast-iron skillet, the sooner you can enjoy meals with some actual flavor. The best thing about a cast iron skillet is that you really only need to buy one in your lifetime. These things last forever if you treat them right, and they’re far more versatile than other pans. First, they’re naturally non-stick, meaning they’re easy to clean. Second, you can put them on the stove or in the oven. Having a cast-iron skillet gives you the ability to make tons of “cast-iron-only” recipes that you would otherwise not be able to make.   


Buy at least one high-quality knife


There are few things more detrimental to your ability to cook than a bad knife. On the flip side, having a high-quality knife can make all the difference in the world when you’re prepping your next meal. The difference between a low-quality knife and high-quality knife is the difference between an unappealing meal and a gorgeous one. With a great knife, you can perfectly square chunks of chicken, make your vegetables look restaurant-quality, and dice garlic like you’re on an episode of Top Chef.


Set up a mini entertainment center


The link above is to a mini-bluetooth speaker, but you’ll also need a tablet. Don’t worry, however, because tablets are super cheap these days. You can get an Amazon Fire for about $50, which shows that we truly are living in the future. Now that you have your technology, you need a good old fashioned shelf upon which you’ll set up your mini-entertainment center.


Make this mini-entertainment center your own; add a small plant, or a little lamp. The whole point of this set up is to ensure you have something to entertain you while you’re cooking in your kitchen. It needs to not only look good, but also be situated so you can see it while you’re standing over your oven. Once this is all set up, you can enjoy your new Netflix addiction or favorite podcast while you cook. Who knows, this might actually make you look forward to spending an evening in your kitchen.


That’s all the kitchen advice we’ve got this week, residents! As always, we appreciate those of you who take time out of your busy Fall semester to read our weekly blog posts. We hope this week’s post helps some of you save a little money by cooking more meals, more often. If you learned something from this week’s post, be sure to check this page again next week when our new blog post goes live. Also, don’t forget to follow University Ridge on social media so you can be the first to know about events, promotions and everything else happening at your MTSU apartments.