Fall semester is in full swing, and some students living in MTSU apartments are already thinking about their post-grad employment opportunities. Whether you’re a Junior thinking about locking up an internship or a Senior trying to get an offer so you can coast the rest of the year, nobody enjoys the job search. We’re not here to tell you how to make the job search fun, but we do have a few tips that might help you end your search sooner.


In this week’s blog post, we’re talking about networking. Everyone knows you have to grow your professional network, but few people really know how to do that other than, “talking to people.” Below, we’ve put together a list of three things you can start doing right now that will exponentially increase your chances of landing an internship or full-time job. None of these things are particularly difficult, so check out the list below and share it with your neighbors at your community of apartments near MTSU!


  1. Remain friends with recent graduates


If you’re still friends with people who just graduated, don’t let those friendships die. Those people are now both your friends and “working professionals.” If you remain friends with them, you remain friends with a contact who can put in a good word for you at a company. Even if the person you’re friends with doesn’t work for a company you want to work for, they can still be a useful contact because they’ve obviously done something right to be where they are. That friend can tell you how they prepared for interviews, how they fine-tuned their resume, and they might even be able to put you in touch with someone at their work who can help you find the job you really want.


We’re not trying to tell you that your friends are only good for networking reasons, but that is as good a reason as any to maintain friendships with recent graduates who might otherwise slip by the wayside. Shoot those recent grads a text every once in awhile!


  1. Upgrade your LinkedIn membership and start emailing people


This isn’t an ad, but you can do a lot of awesome things on LinkedIn if you get a free trial of their premium membership. Once you’re a “premium member,” you can message people with whom you aren’t connected. That means you can search for someone who works in your dream position at your dream company, message them, and possibly gain insight into what it takes to get where they are.


Try not to get discouraged if people don’t respond; not everyone you message is going to be willing to spend a portion of their day talking to a random person on LinkedIn. Some people will be, however, and you should thank them profusely for any advice they’re willing to dole out.


  1. Remember; professors are good for more than just grades


Your professors are people, too. In fact, they’re some of the most helpful people you have access to while in college. Most of your professors are not lifetime academics, but rather, people who used to work in the industry that they’re now teaching people about. Its likely that they still have contacts in their respective industries, and those contacts could turn into your contacts if you play your cards right.  


Thanks for reading the latest edition of the University Ridge blog. We’re always happy to help our residents achieve their goals, and we hope this week’s post helps you grow your network. If you enjoyed this blog and want to read more like it in the future, be sure to follow University Ridge MTSU apartments on social media so you’re the first to know when the next post goes live.