Coffee is the lifeblood of most residents of our community of MTSU apartments. If that’s true, it means coffee shops are the most sought after establishments in town. Murfreesboro has a surprisingly strong selection of coffee shops. Some are great for meet-ups with study groups, others are better for a casual date, and still others are best used as a quick pit-stop to refuel.


If you’re financially savvy, you’re not going to coffee shops everyday to get your caffeine fix. You can save an unfathomable amount of money by making your own coffee at your apartments near MTSU. Buying K-Cups doesn’t count, however; you’ve got to get the real stuff if you want to save some serious dough. That being said, we can’t fault any University Ridge residents who choose to buy their coffee from a barista. There’s something to be said for coffee shop coffee. It hits the spot when the homemade stuff doesn’t suffice. Plus, most students can’t afford to make espresso at home, which leaves students in a bind when they need a serious pick me up.


In this week’s blog post, we’ll be talking about the best coffee shops in town. Check out this post, and be sure to send this post to anyone who might need a pick me up as fall semester gets going.


Just Love Coffee & Eatery

We’ve got three words that will make you get up off your couch and sprint down to Just Love: Iced Toffee Coffee. That’s right folks, the awesome baristas at Just Love have managed to create a coffee concoction that is quickly becoming one of the most popular drinks in town. Just Love is the kind of place that simply doesn’t allow you to leave before trying a little bit of everything. They have delicious breakfast sliders with waffle buns, omelettes made out of waffles (they’re called Womelettes) and plenty of other drinks and snacks to satisfy even the pickiest people in your party.


If you’re thinking about going to Just Love this weekend, be sure to get there early. This place gets packed, and once you try a bite of their food and a sip of their coffee, you’ll understand why.


Simply Pure Sweets

Bring an appetite if you decide to visit Simply Pure Sweets in downtown Murfreesboro. This place has some of the best macaroons this side of the Atlantic Ocean, and you absolutely have to try pairing the macaroons with the strawberry lemonade. If you’re hungry for something savory, try one of the loaded bacon biscuits. They are out of this world. You can go here for a meeting with classmates or just to try out the food, either way you’ll leave satisfied.


Coffee Fusion

If you like to switch up your coffee routine every once in awhile, Coffee Fusion will be your new favorite spot. They serve a wide variety of flavors of boba tea, plus an assortment of food like pork buns and banh mi. Actually, they’re known for having Murfreesboro’s best banh mi and pho. If you check the Yelp reviews, you’ll notice that people from as far away as Los Angeles have posted reviews praising the boba tea and snacks at Coffee Fusion. Of course, you can also get coffee here, so don’t get overwhelmed when you see everything else on the menu.


As always, we appreciate those of you who come back time and time again to read our blog posts. We’re happy to help our residents discover the best coffee shops, restaurants and diners in Murfreesboro, and we hope this post helped you find your new go-to caffeine establishment, If you liked reading this blog post and want to see more like it, be sure to check this web page again next week when our next blog goes live. You can also stay up to date and informed about everything happening at University Ridge by following your MTSU apartments on social media.