Bad news, residents. Once you move off campus and out of your MTSU apartments, you’ll basically be an adult. Even if you move back in with your parents, once you leave campus you are officially a categorized as an adult. Some of you might think of yourself as an adult right now, but you’re also a college student, which means you can get away with avoiding responsibility for some of your actions. Once you lose that “college student” title, however, it’s all adulthood, all the time.


Sorry if we scared you, but those are the facts. Luckily, you have a little bit of time to prepare for adulthood. You can start by learning to cook your own food and clean up your own space. Those are basically the two biggest keys to being an adult, along with paying bills on time and learning to go to bed early.


In this week’s blog post, we’ll share a few tips for mastering adulthood in your first couple years out of college. You’re going to want to start developing good habits early on, because it only gets harder to start new habits as you get older.


Check out the list of tips below, and remember to send this post to any of your friends who are graduating after this year. They might be offended that you think they don’t know how to adult, but they’ll thank you for it in a couple years.


Keep your head down and work hard


Your boss is going to love you if you don’t complain about the company, don’t gossip about other employees and don’t leave work early every chance you get. It’s actually not all that difficult to do those three things, which means it’s not all that difficult to get your boss to like you. What you don’t want to do is be the person that always gossips about others in the office, or the person that’s constantly complaining about one thing or another. Just show up, do the work, and keep your head down. It’s an easy path to success.


Always buy multiples of those things you always need


Here some things you’ll always need: light bulbs, band aids, batteries, soap. You get the idea. Being an adult is about being prepared for the unexpected. You know how, when you visit your parents, they just seem to have everything you could ever need? If you have a headache, they have advil, if you cut yourself, they have Neosporin, if you need a certain spice for a recipe, they have it in their spice cupboard. THey have these things because they’re adults, and they learned that it’s not fun to go to the store every time you need something


If strangers are rude to you, just brush it off.


Sadly, people are often rude to people they don’t know. People are nice on college campuses, for the most part, but out there in the real world, you’ll encounter plenty of rude drivers, cashiers, and random dudes on the street. If you let these people ruin your day every time you cross paths with them, you’re going to have a lot of ruined days. Learn to brush it off, and you’ll be happier as a result.
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