When you live in apartments near MTSU, you never have an excuse to miss an on-campus event. Whether it’s an event you want to attend, or one you to go begrudgingly, you can never use the excuse of, “But it’s so far away!”

Being close to campus comes in handy when there are networking events that you want to attend. There’s nothing all that exciting about a college networking event, but it’s kind of a necessary evil for anyone who’s still trying to lock down a post-grad job while living at University Ridge.

Don’t get us wrong, not all networking events are boring. Who knows, you might meet your next awesome boss or a future business partner at your next networking event. The problem with networking events is the small talk. You have to make small talk like your life depends on it, unless one of our residents has somehow figured out a way to network without making small talk.

Once you get past the small talk though, you might get into a territory where you’re discussing your resume and future job prospects. If this happens to you, congratulations! You’ll have officially mastered the art of on-campus networking. For those of us who haven’t quite reached the master level, there are some options besides in-person networking at planned campus events. No small talk needed.

Email/LinkedIn message people who have the jobs you want.

If you pay for LinkedIn Premium (or just get the free trial), they give you a certain number of messages that you can send to non-connections. You can use to your advantage when figuring out the right path to take that will lead you to your dream job. Just search for a company you want to work for on LinkedIn, look at their list of employees, then select the one that has the job you would like to have someday. You can reach out to them and find out what they did to get where they are today. Most people are more than happy to help college students because they themselves were once in your position.

Ask your professors for help, that’s literally why they’re there.

Your professors are good for more than changing lecture slides and handing out tests. Most of them worked in their respective fields at one point before becoming professors, and they likely still have connections. Go to one of your professors’ office hours next week and tell them about your job search. They’ll probably offer some advice and ideas for who you should talk to. If you can, see if they’d be willing to set up a meeting between you and someone they used to work with. From there, just keep setting up more meetings and asking the people you meet with if there’s anyone else they think you should talk to. Eventually, someone will bring up a job opening.

Your classmates can help you out more than you might think.

Right now, your classmates are just like you. They don’t have full time jobs and they’re trying to make connections. After you all graduate, however, your classmates will be a lot more useful and influential. Don’t dismiss the idea of going to a networking event that’s filled with college students, because those students will soon be well-connected employees who can hook you up with a job after graduation.

Thanks for reading this blog post from University Ridge apartments. If you take one thing away from this post and apply it to your next networking event, we’ll consider this a success. We’ll be back in another couple weeks with another post for our residents. While you wait for that, be sure to follow your MTSU apartments on social media to stay up to date with everything happening at University Ridge.