Your favorite community of apartments near MTSU is back with another informative blog post for our residents. We’re always happy to provide whatever info and insights we can. After all, residents love living here because of the total experience, from the pool to the helpful blog posts.  

This is the first post of the summer, so we wanted to provide residents with some things to consider in between semesters. If you’re ever going to make some changes to your college major, it’s probably going to happen in the early part of fall semester. That’s why we’ll be listing the highest and lowest paying college majors.

This post will reveal the majors that you should consider if you want to earn as much income as possible. Of course, we’ll also provide a list of the majors to avoid if you want a high income. We know that choosing a major isn’t just a numbers game. However, it is important to choose a major that pays well if you’re taking out student loans to pay for college. You want to be able to pay those loans back at some point.

Let’s start with the five highest paying college majors:

  1. Industrial Engineering: $64,381
  2. Chemical Engineering: $65,000
  3. Mechanical Engineering: $68,000
  4. Electrical Engineering: $68,438
  5. Computer Science: $70,000

When you graduate with a degree in Computer Science, you have the opportunity to go work for a tech giant like Google, Facebook or Apple. Those companies are known to pay recent graduates six-figure salaries. That’s one reason why the average salary for computer science majors is so high. After computer science, you’ll see a whole lot of engineers on the list of highest earners. The fact of the matter is, smart people will always be in demand.

Engineers earn high incomes for a number of reasons, including the fact that there just aren’t that many of them. Plus, people who major in engineering tend to actually become engineers. In the list below, you’ll see that many people who major in low paying degrees end up working in unrelated fields.

Here are the lowest paying college majors:

  1. Psychology $42,000
  2. Sociology $42,000
  3. Health Care Administration: $42,000
  4. Social Work: $41,656
  5. Biology: $41,250

It seems odd that a science-related degree like biology would be the lowest paying college major. That is, until you realize the kinds of jobs that recent biology-majors have. Most people who reported salaries were working as lab techs, tutors or paramedics. These people aren’t biologists. As for the rest of the list, sociology and psychology are very common majors, and most people don’t actually work in these fields as graduates. In fact, the salaries reported came from people who are HR assistants, account managers and sales associates.

We feel obligated to tell residents that these are simply average salaries that graduates earn within the first 5 years. There are plenty of people who graduate with a degree in Sociology and end up making far more than $42,000. However, these salaries come from Glassdoor, which means they’re user-submitted. You can bet that these are fairly accurate, and typical salaries for people who graduate with these degrees.

Thanks for reading another edition of the University Ridge blog. We hope this list helps you decide on a major, which is no easy task. We’ll be back in a couple weeks with another blog post for our residents. While you wait for that post, be sure to follow University Ridge on social media. There’s no better way to see all the latest updates from your MTSU apartments.