So you did it! You survived your first year at living away from home at MTSU. What now though? Most of you will be renting your first apartment next year. Students looking for their first apartments near MTSU sometimes get so caught up in the excitement that they don’t remember how overwhelming it can be. To try to help limit the stress, here are some useful tips.


Secure your rental apartment early


Just because school starts in September doesn’t mean there will be a suitable place available in August. Some students start looking for apartments to rent as soon as classes are done or even earlier. The ones that start early get first choice and the ones that start late have to settle. Considering how easy it is to search for rental apartments online, it would be a mistake not to start early.


Choose Roommates Wisely


Everybody wants to live with their friends, but choose roommates that will still be friends after your lease is over. Even your best buddies can get on your nerves sometimes. Make sure to choose your roommates wisely and doesn’t let the excitement of living with friends cloud your judgment. They should be trustworthy and responsible. You don’t want to be stuck with an apartment for three and have one or two of your roommates bail on you just before move-in day!


Take a Tour


Seeing multiple rental apartments might be a difficult task if Murfreesboro isn’t your hometown. However, this is an important step in making sure you are satisfied with the first apartment you rent. This is actually one benefit of choosing a professionally managed property as they have people that are made available for showings anytime. With private landlords, you will have to coordinate around both your schedules. This is doable, but definitely less convenient.


Manage your Money!

Fortunately, there are ways you can save money and make this all a bit more manageable. Here we will look at some tips to help your cash go further so that you can stop worrying.


Get All the Free Money You Can


When you apply for student loans you should be sure to carefully explain your parents’ income so that you get the full amount that you can. At the same time you should also look into whether you can get any further help such as a government grant. If you are struggling once you’re there, go and visit MTSU Financial Aid and Scholarship and they should be able to help you out.


Get Things Cheaply


When you go to college, there will be certain things you’re expected to buy like textbooks and study materials, but in the former case at least you should be able to get these second hand. This will instantly save you a few hundred dollars, and if you want to go further you should look into getting older editions of those books – generally they have the same content but will cost you a lot less.


Take Advantage of Being a Student


There are other things you can get for cheap if you are a student, thus enabling you to reduce your daily expenses. As a student, for instance, you will be able to get discounts on clothes and other things by showing your ID, so it’s worth seeking out the shops that do student discounts before going on a shopping spree. You can also get a lot of other breaks on tickets and meals by providing your student ID, so make sure you always ask.
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