College life is a busy affair, often leaving people with no time to clean their MTSU apartments. A messy apartment not only looks bad, but also reduces your functionality and efficiency. It is very important for students to stay organized while in college to make the most out of their time.


There are a number of easy ways for people to stay organized easily. Below, you’ll find a few effective suggestions for students living in apartments near MTSU.


Use clear plastic storage boxes: These boxes are available in a variety of sizes and they can be used almost anywhere in the apartment. These inexpensive boxes are a great choice, as they allow students to see what is stored inside without having to open the box.


Keep the floor clear: A major reason for pile-ups is ignoring a cluttered floor. Students should regularly clear out items on the floor to stop them from piling up.


Use the spaces on walls and doors: The walls and doors in our apartments near MTSU provide an area to be used as storage. Students can hang cloth shelves on walls to keep a variety of things. Hooks with adhesive backs are also a great option to hang towels, clothes and other light items. Using walls and the backs of doors for storage allows students to have more floor space.


Keep a time-table: Students should have a weekly or monthly time-table to plan their activities in advance. Keeping a daily time-table helps students to manage their daily activities easily and ensure they’re giving their time to the most important tasks. A time-table is also helpful for students to check their productivity and activity by checking their progress. It is advised for students to make a realistic timetable, as an unrealistic timetable will become useless in a matter of days.


Shop carefully: Students living at University Ridge don’t need to buy large furniture or appliances because our MTSU apartments come fully-furnished. Instead of buying large items, students can choose to buy decorative items. Shop carefully though, because everything that you move in will have to be moved out at some point!


Don’t hoard items: Humans tend to keep things even when they aren’t needed. It may be a box full of unusable pens or empty spray bottles but these items collectively can keep you from staying organized. Removing such unnecessary items will free up a lot of space for other important items in your MTSU apartments. Students who have a lot of sentimental stuff might want to send it home instead of throwing it away.


Organize your study material: It’s a great idea to color code notebooks according to classes. Students can also organize their study material by having designated baskets or bins for different subjects. Classes should be the most important part of student life, and having an organized study table will certainly help students in staying organized overall.


Have a functional kitchen: A cluttered or inefficient kitchen can easily ruin the cooking experience and prevent students from getting a healthy meal. Students should keep their kitchen organized and functional so that they can quickly put together their favorite meals.


Arrange the bathroom: The bathroom can quickly get cluttered with empty bottles and tubes. Students should only keep the necessary things in the bathroom to avoid cluttering and to free up space for future purchases. Simple steps such as using a shower curtain to store things and keeping useful accessories in a box will help students to look great and get ready in no time.
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