Here at One12 Courtland, we pride ourselves on providing some of the finest student apartments in Atlanta. Since most of our residents are enrolled at Georgia State University, we understand the grind that they go through this time of year. That’s why we’re taking the time to post this blog about some time-saving technology that students can use to study for finals.

Of course, technology can’t be your only savior when it comes time to cram. You’re also going to need at least seven hours of sleep every night (good luck), a credit card dedicated solely to Starbucks (not a bad idea, honestly) and a couple good friends who will encourage you to keep studying even when you want to give up.

The technology we talk about below will help you cram for finals like your parents never could. Take advantage of that fact that you’re a student in the 21st century by using these apps and gadgets to ace your next exam. Here they are, courtesy of One12 Courtland Atlanta student housing.


StudyBlue Flashcards

What sets StudyBlue apart from other flashcard apps is the ability to share your cards with others in your class or view cards that your classmates have made. In addition to this unique feature, the StudyBlue app has a user friendly interface that allows you to make flashcards with text, images and even audio answers.

StudyBlue just gets how people study. If you need to cut a study session short, StudyBlue will keep track of where you left off. StudyBlue also has graphs and charts to show your progress so you can see if your late-night cramming is working or not.


Dragon Anywhere App

You may have heard that speaking your notes out loud will help you remember them better than simply reading or writing them. If you’re willing to talk to yourself while you study, then Dragon Anywhere is the app for you. This is one of the best speech dictation apps on the market, and it’s available on iPads and iPhones.

Dragon Anywhere is available for a subscription cost of $15/month. It’s probably worth trying it out for this round of finals, then deciding if you want to keep the subscription going for next year. You can let your final grades help you make your decision.


Electric Travel Coffee Kettle

Alright, this one isn’t an app, but it is a gadget that will help you dominate the dreaded finals week. If you’re one of those students that can study anywhere, at any time, then you need an electric travel coffee kettle. You can plug it into the wall at whatever study room you end up in, then enjoy hot coffee long into the night without worrying about frequent trips to the coffee shop or back to your room.


Powercube Outlet Adapter

Think about how many gadgets people brought with them to study 10 years ago. They probably brought a laptop and possibly a cell-phone, but it was a flip phone if anything. How about 10 years before that? The lucky students were bringing laptops, but most people just had their books and maybe a recording device that they’d used to record lectures. Now, you might bring your smartphone, your laptop, your tablet and a pair of wireless headphones. All those things might need to be charged at the same time, and the Powercube Outlet Adapter can make that possible.

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