Every person living in student apartments in Atlanta could probably use a few tips about how to be a little happier every day. A recent article from USA Today said that depression is at an all time high for college students. With so much pressure on students to get jobs right out of school, and so much debt to pay off, it’s no wonder many students are filled with anxiety about the future.

One thing about anxiety is that it’s usually caused by unnecessary worrying. Sure, it’s hard planning for the future, but it’s not impossible. You’re already ahead of a large percentage of the population because you’re enrolled in college.

As hard as college is on students, it also has plenty of resources for anyone feeling like they’re a little overwhelmed. The Georgia State Counseling and Testing Center can provide students with an outlet to get some feelings off their chest. It might seem like counseling isn’t for you, but very few people regret seeing a counselor.

Even your Atlanta student housing community can be a resource. Here at One12 Courtland, we put together a short list of activities that students can do to feel happier every day. Doing one of these things every day will not only improve your overall outlook on life, but it can also improve the lives of people around you. Without further delay, here are three things you can do today to get happy.


Call a Loved One

By its very nature, college often separates students from their loved one. Kids move away from home, sometimes to different cities or different states. It’s freeing to live independently, but don’t forget to call back home every so often. Happiness is linked to calling or speaking to people that you love, according to a decades long Harvard study. Before you left for college, you probably rarely had to think about how often you talked to loved ones. Your parents or relatives were just around. Now, you have to make the effort. So make the effort! Not only will you improve your mood, you’ll also make your loved one’s day.


Take a Chance on a Stranger

Have you ever had a pleasant, refreshing interaction with a stranger? Maybe it was your barista, or a cashier at the store. If they made you smile, your mood for the whole day probably improved. Well, some experts actually say talking with strangers can make us happier.

It’s easy to just treat strangers like they aren’t even there, especially in a crowded environment like downtown Atlanta. However, you’ll probably be surprised next time you actually engage in conversation with a stranger. Look a cashier or barista in the eyes next time you see one. When you make the effort, people will reciprocate.


Be Selfless for No Reason

They key to this one is to do something selfless not because you’ll feel better afterwards, but because you just want to. Socially anxious people can find some peace and relaxation just by doing selfless acts, according to a study out of Canada. If you’re feeling weighed down by the pressures of college and your social obligations, try doing something selfless.

Georgia State has tons of resources for finding ways to give back to the surrounding Atlanta community. Check out this link for some volunteer opportunities!

Thanks for reading this week’s post! We hope you found something in here that can help you live a happier life every day. We’ll be back next week with another blog. In the meantime, be sure to follow One12 Courtland on social media to stay up to date with the latest news and special offers from your favorite Georgia State off-campus housing.