We designed University Ridge to be the apartments near MTSU that help students be students. We provide students with plenty of study space and interactive resident events because college is all about balancing your education with your social experience. Speaking of education, now is the perfect time to pick up the financial skills that will make your life easier going forward.

This week’s blog post is all about the things you should do to keep your finances in order after college. Whether you’re a sophomore or a senior, these tips will help you make more money and keep track of the money you already have, even if you don’t end up getting that Finance degree.

Most financial advice is just common sense, but with so many financial variables to keep track of, the right choice isn’t always obvious. Stay on top of your finances with these tips from University Ridge.

Make it a habit to read the finely printed instructions

Gone are the days when you can “just get the gist” of things. When you’re in charge of your own life, you have to pay attention to every little detail. Know the due dates on your loans and other bills. Find out what happens if you overdraw on your bank or pay a credit card bill two days late. Don’t forget to cancel those free memberships that you keep signing yourself up for.

It’s common sense, but small fees and wasteful late payments add up. If you find yourself wondering where your money is going, spend more time reading the fine print on your purchases and loans.

Maximize your earning potential while you’re young

“Earning potential” is a phrase we hear a lot, but no one ever seems to explain what that means. Well, University Ridge Apartments has some insight into the phrase and we’re more than happy to share it with our student residents.

Maximizing your earning potential means applying your skills as much as possible early in life. The older you get, the harder it is to learn new skills and improve upon your existing skills. Sure, you’ll have more experience when you’re older, but the ways in which you gain that experience matters when you’re young.

You know you need to apply your skills, but the other part of “maximizing your earning potential” means ensuring those skills translate into actual income.


Resist the urge to accept the job offer with the highest salary

Although it can be tempting to pick the job that will help you pay off your students loan the fastest or afford the coolest apartments, it’ll end up costing you more in the long run.

Accepting a high salary might be great at first, but if you end up losing interest in your job or deciding that you don’t like your new city, you’ll have to make decisions. Finding a new job is time-consuming and expensive if you end up moving, so weigh all your options for your entry level job. Location, culture and job expectations are just as important as salary

Keep networking after you graduate

You might not be going to classes or studying late at night, but not all your college habits should fade away once you receive your diploma. If you end up living in a big city, find a group of like-minded people in your industry that can provide you with advice. You’ll be glad you did.

Plus, there’s no telling what opportunities can come from meeting the right people. You’ll never get those opportunities if you don’t continue to expand your network well after you receive your diploma.

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