As you probably know by now, One12 Courtland is one of the only Georgia State off-campus housing to offer an exclusive clubhouse with complimentary Starbucks coffee for residents. A majority of our residents love hanging out up there and getting some studying done late into the evening. It’s a perfect place for GSU students to focus on homework when they’re away from campus. However, we understand that some people need to get out of their student apartments in Atlanta before they can study. That’s just the way some people work, and we get it! It can be hard to dedicate yourself to studying when that Netflix app on your TV is calling your name.

If you have to get away from your apartment to study, and searching for a table at the Georgia State University Library isn’t your cup of tea, we do have some other options for you. Hint: They all involve cups of tea or coffee. Downtown Atlanta is filled with all kinds of coffee shops, from big, beautiful cafes to tiny coffee shops squeezed into the bottoms of hotel buildings. That’s good news for our student residents, who get a wide variety of coffee shops to choose from. Some of our residents can only focus in loud coffee shops where they can tune everyone out. Others need a quiet corner in which to set up, throw some headphones on and type away all day.

This list has a few kinds of coffee shops for you to choose from. Here are three coffee shops near our Atlanta student housing community that are perfect for getting highly caffeinated and grinding away at your homework.


Jittery Joe’s

Don’t be intimidated by the fact that Jittery Joe’s is located inside the Ritz-Carlton Hotel. It’s still a coffee shop like any other. They have a nice little seating area where you can study, and they serve a mean shot of espresso to boot. Their espresso (including the Americano) is actually the most highly rated menu item as far as Yelp reviews go. You can also grab small bites to eat here, which means you don’t even have to take a study break to eat lunch. Lucky you!


Condessa Coffee

Take a look at the Condessa Coffee homepage by clicking the link above. Now, tell us you don’t want to just curl up in a chair and spend all day at this delightful little coffee shop on Auburn avenue. It’s a small space but they do have a restroom, which is basically unheard of in downtown Atlanta. Everyone on Yelp recommends the Chai Tea, but they also have an espresso bar and even serve waffles during certain times of the day. This chic little coffee shop is definitely worth a visit next time you need to hit the books.


Octane Coffee and Little Tart Bakeshop

Fair warning: You will not be the only person typing away on your laptop (or mindlessly surfing the web) at Octane. This is one of the coolest coffee shops in Atlanta, and we’re lucky to be located so close to it. You won’t have to worry about parking if you walk from your downtown GSU apartment, but you will have to worry about waiting around for a table. The early student gets the seat at Octane. If you can snag one, the experience will be completely worth it. This Octane location is also attached to the Little Tart Bakeshop, so you can have the city’s best coffee and best baked goods all in one place.

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