We’ve got some big news coming out of One12 Courtland student apartments in Atlanta: We’re starting a blog! This page is meant to be a place where our residents can come to find the latest events, restaurant openings, concerts, and everything else that matters to students living in Georgia State off-campus housing.

One12 Courtland aims to be the Georgia State University student housing that residents never want to leave. We’ve got everything you need in order to have a comfortable college experience during your time at GSU, and we want to continue living up to the high standard of living that we’ve set for our residents. This blog is a big part of that. In downtown Atlanta, it’s not just about the apartment you live in; it’s about the things you can do every day when you walk out your door.

Yes, living downtown provides a different thrill everyday, but it can also take its toll on your wallet. With so many upscale eateries near our GSU apartments, it’s hard to resist going out to eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner as much as possible. On a student’s budget, this habit can be rather unsustainable. Thankfully, the One12 Courtland staff is here to help our residents eat well without having to pawn off their possessions. Here are four of the most affordable—but also delicious—restaurants near our student apartments in Atlanta.


Rosa’s Pizza

Distance from One12 Courtland: 0.4 miles

New York-style pizza way down south? It’s true, and it’s only a few blocks away from One12 Courtland apartments. We’ll let you in on a little secret: Rosa’s has this amazing $6 deal which gets you 2 slices of pizza and a soft drink. Now that you know about this deal, you may never eat anywhere else downtown again. With authentic NYC pizza at a price like that, why would you? Unless you’re worried about the health-effects of eating pizza everyday. In that case, we recommend the next restaurant on our list.


Arepa Mia

Distance from One12 Courtland: 0.5 miles

Head inside the Sweet Auburn Curb Market and find a seat at Arepa Mia. You’ll soon be served by a member of their knowledgeable staff, who will sell you on these little Venezuelan sandwiches called Arepas. Every single item on the Arepa menu is gluten free, which is a far cry from the cheesy, meat-packed pizza slices at Rosa’s Pizza. The family-owned vibe you get once you step into Arepa Mia will only enhance your experience, and the fact that it’s in the Sweet Auburn Curb Market gives it an extra boost in our book. Our first two restaurants are vastly different, but anyone who’s living gluten-free will surely appreciate the flavorful sandwiches at Arepa Mia.


Grindhouse Killer Burgers

Distance from One12 Courtland: 0.5 miles

This is one of the more famous burger places in Atlanta, and it’s named Grindhouse for a reason. Most of the interior is decorated with Quentin Tarantino movie memorabilia, and you’re just as likely to find old grindhouse genre movies on the screens as you are to find a Hawks or Braves game. As for the food itself, they leave no part of the burger un-stuffed. You get to customize your own burgers, but be careful not to go overboard on the toppings or you won’t be able to fit the burger in your mouth. On the other hand, good luck heeding that advice once you see the fried pickles and pimento cheese available at Grindhouse Killer Burgers.


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